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Ethics Statement

The Royal United Services Institute is an independent, non-partisan Institute; a think tank dealing with all aspects of global defence and security. RUSI is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and as such must demonstrate public benefit in all it does and ensure that it is not identified with any political partisanship. RUSI funds itself independently, drawing income from its membership subscriptions, the sale of its various outputs and from research contracts, donations, and from events funded by a wide range of sources, private and governmental, UK-based and international.

RUSI’s mission is to further independent debate on defence and security in the United Kingdom and across the wider world.

The Institute receives no core government funding. RUSI’s essential intellectual independence is upheld regardless of its independent funding sources. RUSI sets its own agenda, chooses its own topics to research and has a responsibility to reflect its research findings truthfully. RUSI rejects funding that is incompatible with its independence or honesty. This independence is maintained as an on-going process by senior management, but it is also overseen by the Institute’s Advisory Council and its Trustees, and an annual research audit is conducted by a subcommittee of individuals representing the Advisory Council and Trustees to ensure that this principle is upheld for all research contracts. Similarly, the publications, public events programme and RUSI outputs are reviewed on an annual basis by the Advisory Council for the same purpose. This auditing process is reported to the Annual General Meeting.

RUSI is committed to the intellectual integrity of its research and to the highest quality standards in all that it does. It employs individuals on the basis of equality of treatment and good working practices. The Institute offers a limited number of unpaid internships on the basis of clear guidelines for both parties and for strictly limited periods. 

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