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JUEST Network Research Statement

Jenny Johnstone, Lecturer in Law, Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University

Jenny Johnstone is a Lecturer in Law at Newcastle University Law School. She has worked in practice in the areas of family law and child law and as a volunteer case-worker at a Law Centre in the areas of family, housing, employment, immigration and welfare law.  Jenny has worked on numerous research funded projects including the Home Office Independent Evaluation of Restorative Justice Schemes and Home Office Independent Evaluation of Statutory Time Limit Pilots in the Youth Court, DCA funded project looking at the Non Legally Qualified Advisors and their Clients - Perceptions of Quality (PI) as well as various Scottish Government funded research projects. These projects have involved both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. Jenny sat on the Steering Group on the Young Victims of Crime Project, Scoping a National Service Model for Young Victims of Crime in Scotland - a project led by Victim Support Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government. Jenny also served as a Chair Panel Member for the Childrens Hearings System in Scotland (2009-2015). With Dr Bankole Cole and Dr Yulia Chistyakova, Jenny has been working on BAME prisoner experiences. She currently is involved in the development of various research networks and forums including the North East Regional Race Crime and Justice Research Network and the North East Race Equality Forum as well as the Restorative Justice Forum Scotland.  She is also co-cordinator of the Newcastle University strand of the N8 Policing Project.


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