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Catalina Uribe Burcher

International IDEA

Catalina Uribe Burcher is a Senior Programme Officer at International IDEA. She focuses on research and policy-oriented analysis regarding the threats that transnational illicit networks pose to democratic processes in Latin America, West Africa and the Baltic States.

John Cuddihy

Coventry University

As Visiting Professor Urban & Maritime Security Research Group, operationalise research by reflecting on experience and expertise from 30 years law enforcement with a focus on Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism.  As former Head of OCCT in Scotland, developed and built a command structure r

Steve Luxford

Sussex Police

Detective Sergeant Steve Luxford has day-to-day responsibility for Law Enforcement / Intelligence Development at International Airport, with a particular interest in human trafficking and modern slavery for sexual exploitation.

Greg Francis

National Crime Agency

I am a Senior Officer with over 20 years’ experience of Law Enforcement Investigation and Prosecution of primarily Serious Organised Crime.

Bianca Jinga

Department for International Development (DFID)

Bianca, a senior governance adviser in the Department for International Development, is currently the Head of the Governance, Security and Poverty Pillar within the Department’s Asia Regional Team.


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