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Prof Nicholas Tsagourias

University of Sheffield

Nicholas Tsagourias is professor of International Law at the University of Sheffield. He completed his law studies at the University of Thessaloniki in Greece, obtaining an LL.M. from the University of Bristol and his PhD from the University of Nottingham.

Prof Michael Levi

Cardiff University

Michael Levi has degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton and Cardiff Universities and has been Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University since 1991.  He has been conducting international research on the control of white-collar and organised crime, corruption and money laundering/ financi

Prof Mark Button

University of Portsmouth

Mark Button has led research for the National Fraud Authority and ACPO on fraud victims, which involved interviews with the largest group of fraud victims to date in the UK. He has also conducted research for Acromas on ‘Crash-for-Cash’ fraudsters.

Prof Liz Campbell

University of Durham

Liz Campbell is Francine McNiff Chair of Criminal Jurisprudence at Monash University. Previously, she was Chair of Criminal Law at the University of Durham, having held posts at the University of Edinburgh and University of Aberdeen.

Prof David S Wall

University of Leeds

David S. Wall is Professor of Criminology at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies in the School of Law where he researches and teaches cybercrime, identity crime, organised crime, policing and intellectual property crime.

Prof Brian Francis

Lancaster University

Brian Francis is Professor of Social Statistics at Lancaster University and Associate Director of the Violence and Society UNESCO Centre . He has worked extensively in developing quantitative research methods in criminology, particularly in the areas of criminal careers and crime seriousness.

Luca Giommoni

Cardiff University

Luca Giommoni is a Lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University.

His research interests are in the areas of illicit markets, illicit financial flow, digital currencies, cryptomarkets and the use of social media data to research crime-related problems.


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