David Fitzpatrick


David Fitzpatrick is a barrister with more than 40 years experience in prosecuting organised and serious crime and advising governments on policy related thereto. His experience is focused to Hong Kong, where he retired from practice in 2016. From 1981 to 1994, David worked in the Attorney General’s Chambers of the Hong Kong Government concerned at various times to prosecute organised crime, including financial crime and money laundering, and advising on policy and legislative initiatives related to such matters. Following duty visits to the United States and Australia, David was able to advise the Security Branch of the government giving guidance to its response to triad-related crime, being one of the professionals who designed the centrepiece legislation of OSCO, taking it through the Legislative Council and into operation. After he left the Hong Kong Government and entered private practice, David continued to take government briefs in serious criminal cases and civil actions concerned with crime, including asset recovery. David continued to advise the government whilst in private practice on developments in the common law world of related topics, eg, covert policing. For the last four years, David has advised the Fiji government on corruption, money laundering and commercial crime investigation. David has also regularly delivered lectures and workshops at the annual Jesus College Symposium on Economic Crime since 1988.