Dr Felia Allum


Dr Felia Allum is senior lecturer in Italian and Politics in the department of Politics, Languages and International Studies at the University of Bath. Between 2018-2021, she is a Leverhulme Major Research Fellow researching gender and organised crime. Her research focuses on West European Politics, Organised crime, Italian Mafias (Neapolitan Camorra), gender and political corruption. Dr Felia Allum is co-convenor of the European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on organised crime.

She is the author of  Allum, F., 2006. Camorristi, Politicians and Businessmen:The Transformation of Organized Crime in Post-War Naples. Northern Universities Press. (Italian Perspectives; 11) and  The Invisible Camorra, Neapolitan Crime families across Europe, (Itaca: Cornell University Press, 2016).