Dr Gareth Addidle


Dr Gareth Addidle is an Associate Professor in Criminology at University of Bradford. A graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University, Doctorate from Plymouth University and previous academic roles at Open University, Plymouth University, University of Derby and Teesside University. Dr Addidle has worked with a number of police services across the UK and has been involved in research projects with Police Scotland (formerly Strathclyde Police), Devon and Cornwall Police, HMIC and, more recently, with Newcastle Business School and the House of Lords.

His current knowledge and expertise are in the area of vulnerability both in the context of policing and in relation to multi and intra-agency working practices and governance. He is associate editor of the ‘International Public Management Review’ and editorial board member for the ‘International Journal of Emergency Services’. He was the lead editor on the edited collection ‘Public Management and Vulnerability – Contextualising Change’ (Addidle, G and Liddle, J, 2020) and co-authored a book on ‘The role of HEIs (Universities) in the Vulnerability agenda’ (Liddle, J and Addidle, G, 2021). More recently, he joined West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit advisory group.