Dr Mary Alice Young


Dr Mary Alice Young is an interdisciplinary socio-legal scholar with a background in international criminal law. Alongside teaching and administrative duties at UWE, she has achieved a growing supranational presence as a subject expert on the criminal misuse of offshore financial centres and organised crime control. Her main research interests lie in the historical conceptualisation of organised crime and the Western norms which have evolved in response to those activities considered as constituting organised crime.

Dr Young is particularly concerned with the application of Western-grown crime control policies in Global South countries and her research is part of a broader dialogue on criminogenic environments in small island states. She has published highly rated academic papers in the European Review of Organised Crime, and Trends in Organised Crime, on the general topic of flawed policy making as a response to governmental misconceptions of organised crime. She is the founder of the Independent Organised Crime Research Network for Law Enforcement Officers and Academics, and a Senior Adviser to the Tax Justice Network. She has travelled widely and disseminated her work broadly under the auspices of different organisations. Dr Young is happy to be contacted directly, via her work email (mary.young@uwe.ac.uk). She refrains from using social media and enjoys listening to 1970s rock and hunting for fossils.