Dr Rob Hornsby


Dr Rob Hornsby has researched and published on organised criminal groups (OCGs)/individuals and has interests in a range of illicit markets/entry and manoeuvre in and between OC and OCGs. His current research is focused upon the use and market of illegal firearms. Recent publications include:

Hornsby, R. and Hobbs, D. (2020) ‘Commercial Armed Robbery’ in The Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Hornsby, R., Harvey, J., Booth, D. (2017) ‘Trafficked, smuggled or exploited: Ignore the labels, they all involve abuse’.

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Harvey, J. and Hornsby, R. (2016) ‘The Criminal Entrepreneur: a case study of an organised criminal family’ in Narratives on organised crime in Europe: criminals, corrupters & policy.

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Antonopoulos, GA., Hobbs, D. and Hornsby, R., (2011). A Soundtrack to (illegal) Entrepreneurship: Pirated CD/DVD Selling in a Greek Provincial City. British Journal of Criminology. 51 (5), 804-822