Dr. Stenly Djatah


Dr. Stenly Djatah is a Senior Lecturer-Researcher in the Graduate Program of International Relations at the University of Jenderal Achmad – UNJANI – The Indonesian Military University – CIMAHI in Indonesia.

His areas of research focus on transnational crime, terrorism, illicit drugs, guns, money laundering, illegal unreported uncontrolled fisheries, policing, and the mafia especially in Asia. Dr.Stenly is a member of several organizations, including the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), the Evidence-Based Policing Society (EBPS), and the International Studies Association (ISA).

He is the author of several essays as well as a forthcoming book on John Locke’s Kebebasan dan Kekuasaan Dalam Filsafat Politik. He also led a research team of the Graduate Program of International Relations through a research grant dated March 31, 2022.