Elijah Glantz

Elijah Glantz is a Research Analyst and Project Officer in RUSI’s Organised Crime and Policing research group. He is the Co-Project Manager and editor for SHOC and has been contributing, managing and editing for the platform since 2021. His research interests include criminal governance and illicit economies in conflicting and fragile states. Previous research projects have included reviews of UK aid in East Africa, organised crime-oriented sanctions and sub-Saharan wildlife crime assessments. Before joining RUSI, Elijah worked in private sector geopolitical risk analysis and interned with RUSI.

He is an MSc candidate in Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics, studying non-state influence and power dynamics in conflicting societies. Elijah holds a BA in Political Philosophy from Sciences Po, where his dissertation research focused on counterinsurgency theory and practice at a local level.