Isak Barow Isak


Honorable Isak Barow Isak is a politican and experienced security expert based in Somalia with more than 10 years of extensive experience in the Humanitarian environment. He is a counter- terrorism and organised crime specialist, with experience in intelligence analysis, security sector reform, transitional planning, preventing and countering violent extremism(P/CVE), DDR programming, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, Mine Action & Armed Violence Reduction programming and programme management.

He is the founder & CEO of the Horn of Africa Institute for peace and Security (HAIPS) based in Somalia. The institute promotes peace and security in the Horn of Africa especially in Somalia. He served as a deputy minister of internal security for the South West state of Somalia from February 2019 until to 2020 and has also worked with various UN/INGOs in Somalia including UNMAS, WHO, HALO TRUST and IMC.

He holds a master of science (MSC) Security studies from London Metropolitan University, as well as a certificate in Terrorism studies from the University of St. Andrews.