Marco Codispoti


Captain Codispoti (ITA- Carabinieri) holds the position of Lessons Learned Staff Officer at the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence in Vicenza. During his career in the Carabinieri he was deployed with different operational national assignments: Provincial Carabinieri Command-Operational Department Investigative (1988-1999); Carabinieri Special Operational Group-R.O.S. (1999-2004 and 2012-2018); and overseas: Observer-Security officer-Temporary International Presence in Hebron Palestine (1998-1999); Security officer at the Italian Embassy in Cairo–Egypt (2004-2008); Jordanian Armed Forces Foreign languages school in Zarqa Jordan (2010-2011); Bi-lateral cooperation mission at the  Emiri Guards HQ – Doha Qatar (2013). Captain Codispoti also served four years at the European Gendarmerie Force for HQ as Intel Assistant (2008-2012).

He holds a Bachelor Degree in “Political Science”, a Masters Degree in “Eurasian and Mediterranean languages–institutions societies and economies”, a Masters Degree in “International relations” and a University Masters in “Socio-political studies in European prospective”.

Captain Codispoti can be reached at: E-mail;