Prof Michael Levi


Michael Levi has degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton and Cardiff Universities and has been Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University since 1991.  He has been conducting international research on the control of white-collar and organised crime, corruption and money laundering/ financing of terrorism since 1972, and has published widely on these subjects as well as editing major journals, most recently the Journal of Cybersecurity (OUP).  He is an Associate Fellow of RUSI and a Senior Fellow at RAND Europe.

He is on the small advisory group to Europol on the Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment and on the internet-enabled Organised Crime Threat Assessment.  In 2013 he was given the Distinguished Scholar Award by the International Association for the Study of Organised Crime, and in 2014 he was awarded the Sellin-Glueck prize for international and comparative criminology by the American Society of Criminology.