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Combatting the Modern Mafia Phenomenon: Why the Italian 416-bis Criminal Code Must be Modified, Adapted to the Times and Applied to the European Context

17 Sep, 2020
Vincenzo Musacchio

The crime of association for mafia-type offences was introduced into the Italian criminal justice system by law on 13 September 1982. Provision n. 646 (better known as the law “Rognoni-La Torre” drawn from the name of its promoters) was included in the criminal code among the crimes against public order. Prior to…

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A Generational Fight: Teaching Young Italians to Defy the Mafia

13 Jun, 2018
Dr Baris Cayli

“Anyone who is deaf, blind and dumb will live a hundred years in peace.” So reads the proverb in the book penned by the Sicilian ethnographer Giuseppe Pitrè. Conjuring the fundamental principle of omertà (code of silence), this proverb highlights the historical importance of remaining indifferent to injustice in Sicily.…

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