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Organised Crime and the COVID-19 Outbreak: Repositioning the State

12 Jun, 2020
Dr Alexander Kupatadze

The ongoing debate surrounding the impact of Covid-19 on organised crime is incomplete. Whilst discussions have centred on the workings of mafia-type groups and other non-state actors, these are not the only important players in the field of organised crime. In recent decades we have seen many cases of high-ranking politicians and bureaucrats…

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Going Viral: Rio’s COVID-19 Gang Curfews as Seen from Twitter

3 Jun, 2020
Andrea Varsori

Rio de Janeiro’s criminal groups have, from time to time, attracted international attention. The news of their anti-coronavirus measures has made international headlines once more. Drug-dealing gangs have forcibly imposed curfews on the city’s population, against the backdrop of perceived state inaction in managing the spread of COVID-19. This blog takes a closer look at the gangs’…

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Part 2: How COVID-19 is affecting County Lines

28 May, 2020
Tony Saggers

COVID-19 is already having an unprecedented impact on the UK illicit drug market, its dependent customers and County Lines in particular. Just as international drug traffickers rely on hiding in plain sight amongst high volumes of global trade, County Lines depend on free and low-profile movement within the mass population.…

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