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What’s your problem? The Hidden Ways of Thinking that Shape our Understanding of Serious Organised Crime

2 Jul, 2018
Simon Avery

“Serious organised crime” can be a confusing thing. It is a concept which lumps together such diverse issues as drugs, cybercrime, money laundering and modern slavery; it incorporates everything from highly structured organised crime groups, to urban street gangs and online child exploitation networks. Yet the sheer ambiguity of the…

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Smokescreens: A History of US Organised Crime Control Policy

29 Mar, 2018
Dr Michael Woodiwiss

The journey to the writing of my most recent book, Double Crossed: The Failure of Organized Crime Control, began in 1983 when I was in Washington, DC. I was able to interview an assistant counsel for the Reagan Commission on Organized Crime, which had recently been set up and was about…

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