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Intangible Technology Transfers and the Crime-Terror Nexus

23 Oct, 2018
Dr Katja Samuel

As terrorist groups become more global in their reach, creative in their methods and increasingly connected to organised criminal groups (OCGs), new and complex counter-terrorism responses are required. One concerning trend, in at least some geographical regions like sub-Saharan Africa is increased cooperation between OCGs and terrorist groups, including the ‘outsourcing’ of…

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Terrorists, criminals and insurgents: why Europe should adopt a Crime-Terror Nexus framework

18 Jul, 2018
Daniela Irrera

Terrorist attacks have always historically shaped public attitudes and behaviours across Europe. The sense that terrorism is a danger to the lives of ordinary people and the perception that terrorists can offend anywhere and at any time is not new. However, what is increasing and diversifying is the ability of…

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