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Duck and cover: Three survival lessons for Rio’s criminals

24 Jun, 2018
Andrea Varsori

Being a criminal in Rio de Janeiro has never been a safe business, but this year it’s more dangerous than ever. On February 16 2018, Brazil’s federal government took over the administration of security in the state of Rio, normally an exclusive domain of the State government. President Michel Temer…

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Incarceration: The Spider Producing the Web of Organised Crime in Brazil

15 Mar, 2018
Dr Camila Nunes Dias

In July 2016, Brazil’s prison population numbered more than 700,000 inmates. Of those, about one third – more than 240,000 inmates – were housed in prisons in the state of São Paulo. With 45 million inhabitants, the state of São Paulo is Brazil’s wealthiest, and the country’s biggest economy. In…

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