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Gangs and the Unattached Youth in Jamaica

15 Mar, 2021
Shenaé Jonas

Jamaica’s criminal trajectory has long stimulated the curiosity of criminologists and policy makers, and now, we are beginning to see how pervasive the crime-politics nexus is and the ways in which it gave rise to criminal gangs in the country. In Kingston, the construction of a public housing complex and…

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Recruitment Pathways into Organised Crime: A Theoretical Framework

3 Oct, 2018
Adrian Leiva

Unlike more conventional forms of crime, the success of organised criminal groups depends largely on their ability to identify and recruit co-offenders. Due to the everchanging nature of illicit markets, organised criminal groups tend to recruit individuals with a range of skills, knowledge, and experience that will benefit their involvement in a particular…

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Street Gangs as a Form of Glocal Radicalisation

9 Sep, 2018
Fabio Armao

The spread of youth gangs has accompanied the origin and development of large industrialised cities, starting in countries like the US. In recent decades, however, the phenomenon has undergone unprecedented expansion in Europe – in places such as London, perhaps the most recent and best-known example – and across certain…

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