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Becky’s Journey: Can a High Impact Documentary Stem the Tide of Human Trafficking in Benin City?

23 Aug, 2021
Matthew Obonyilo

Documentaries have increasingly become viable tools for social change. A recent landmark study shows an upward shift in social engagements towards global poverty following the release of “Stand Up Planet”, a documentary series on extreme poverty. Building on the success of this initiative, scholars and practitioners in filmmaking are confident…

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Locked in Limbo: Child Statelessness and Human Trafficking in the Non-Government Controlled Areas of Ukraine

1 Jun, 2021
Olena Prokopyshyna

The ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine has birthed novel human rights challenges. Since 2014, the country has been engaged in one of the longest-standing conflicts in Europe. This unrest has led to the establishment of internal-borders and national checkpoints, obstructing citizens freedom of movement. These barriers are purportedly designed to safeguard…

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Tackling Human Trafficking: Moving Away from a Prosecution-Centred Approach

23 Jan, 2019
Dr Shahrzad Fouladvand

In 2014, fourteen years after the UN Human Trafficking Protocol was adopted by the UN, a more modest document was opened for signature by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Entering into force on 9 November 2016, the 2014 Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention of 1930 (No. 29) hopes to…

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The Role of the Private Sector in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings: A Way Forward?

18 Dec, 2018
Benedetta Di Matteo

Modern slavery and trafficking in human beings are global phenomena that affect a growing number of victims. While it is difficult to provide an exact figure, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 40.3 million people are victims of modern slavery (including human trafficking) around the world, of which over half (24.9…

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