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Becky’s Journey: Can a High Impact Documentary Stem the Tide of Human Trafficking in Benin City?

23 Aug, 2021
Matthew Obonyilo

Documentaries have increasingly become viable tools for social change. A recent landmark study shows an upward shift in social engagements towards global poverty following the release of “Stand Up Planet”, a documentary series on extreme poverty. Building on the success of this initiative, scholars and practitioners in filmmaking are confident…

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SHOC Annual Conference Summary: The Role of Faith-Based Organisations in Combating Modern Slavery

5 Apr, 2019
Anne-Marie Barry

On 25 March 2019, RUSI’s Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research (SHOC) – in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery at St Mary’s University, Twickenham and the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales – convened a conference to explore the role of faith-based organisations in…

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The Economic Case for Tackling Modern Slavery in Business Supply Chains

23 Nov, 2018
Andrew Wallis

How many slaves work for you? You probably think the answer is none. But if you own a smartphone, an item of cotton clothing, or consume food you did not grow yourself, you may have in the region of 40-60 slaves working for you.  The online slavery calculator – created by the…

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Does Organised Crime Drive Modern Slavery, or Is It Something Else?

22 Mar, 2018
Cindy Berman

Modern slavery is often linked to organised crime. We assume the problem is driven by criminal gangs that make huge profits from trafficking and exploiting vulnerable children, women and men into forced labour, sexual exploitation or other activities that violate their basic human rights and freedoms. But I don’t agree.…

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Recognising Modern Slavery as Organised Crime: A Stronger Response, but no Silver Bullet

9 Dec, 2016
Sasha Jesperson

Modern slavery is a serious and organised crime. Across many areas of criminality, organised crime groups (OCGs) are shifting away from large and risky shipments of illicit commodities like cocaine, towards low risk and high frequency activity, such as small, regular shipments of legal commodities. Slavery capitalises on a similar business…

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